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Benefits Of Open Source ERP

  1. Affordable and adaptable ensuring that company always have the solution they need.
  2. Provide company a flexibility to add or remove functionality accommodating company’s specific operational needs.
  3. Simplify information systems that give company more visibility about their customers,vendors, employees, products and services in a single source of truth for all company’s data.
  4. Help company to gain control of their business and make faster & better business decisions.
  5. Fully expandable and scalable for future system developments.
  6. Fully stable ,supported by a global community and open standard solution that allow access over the source codes, make it more flexible in future system developments.
  7. Open Source ERP can not be bought, merged or stopped , no need to worry that the technology will disappear. Also reduce risk of dependency or vendor lock in.
  8. No need to worry about legality issues.
  9. No additional license costs for additional users.