About Us

iConsulting (PT. Inovasi Databiz)

Inspiring Innovation in Business through Better Technology

iConsulting always comes with innovative IT solution based on the best quality of consultacy and implementation on its ptrojects. Our solution is always aligned with clients’ business processes and workflow for maximum efficiency. This is to ensure our solutions are able to accomodate to clients’ organization growth.

The  inability to identify inefficiency in business operations limits a company’s ability to achieve their excellence business goal. Choosing the right solution is an important thing for a company. iConsulting will help you with our solutions to unlock the potential of your business and finally creating business value for your company through information technology innovation.
Our Vision

To help companies grow through innovative solution in information technology

Our Mission

  1. Always increasing the level of companies’  awareness and understanding of alternative solution in information technology.
  2. Always be adaptive in delivering our clients’ requirement and provide the most effective consultation to our clients.
  3. Always learning of innovative IT technologies and researching how they can add value to our clients’ business goals.
  4. Continuously structuring our human resources with trainings and creates conducive working environment for people to innovate and perform, where people development become one of the key success to meet our clients’ satisfaction.