Our ERP Solution

Financial Management

Allows you to consolidate financial management into a single system, so you can get real-time information and precise reporting. It will give you financial control, business control, and cash flow management.

Sales Management 

Simplifies the entire sales cycle while helping you reduce costs. It includes powerful capabilities for lead and opportunity management, customer and contact management, quote and order management,  and sales trend analysis.

Purchase Management 

Full range of procurement functionality for innovative supply chain management, requisitions, receiving, purchase orders, document approvals, and security, as well as invoice matching and payment. With a single purchasing system and an integrated work flow, your procurement management can become more cost-effective and you can gain better procurement control.

Inventory Management 

Efficient  integration between material movement, purchasing and order management. This integration reduces working capital with real-time updates, where you can get accurate inventory visibility and the ability to manage expectations quickly and pro actively.

Manufacturing Management 

Make your  manufacturing process faster and lower your manufacturing cost. It integrate many aspects in manufacturing such as Bills of Material, scheduling, capacity, work flow management, quality control, cost management, and manufacturing flow to reduce production-cycle times.

Project Management 

Help you monitor and control your project spending, by providing detailed analysis of how your actual costs compare to your project budget.  With detailed project cost information in a single repository, you can easily analyze cost trends and quickly identify any problem in many areas for all levels of your project.